We needed a way to meet people as potential friends or other relationship wise through different kinds of like interests, and that is through memes.

What it does

Ranks users based on what they submit and then through a matchmaking system pairs those with like scores on their memes get a chance to hook up however they see fit.

How I built it

Used frameworks like Semantic UI and Flask to create the program as fast as possible for user management and pretty cute front-end. Used python for most of the program and then used javascript and html for the aesthetics.

Challenges I ran into

Idea making, match making calculations, scoring systems, and combining the front end with the back end. Our team worked separately and was not able to work on syncing one another

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to do most of what we wanted in the few days that we got

What I learned

I learned that you can't build something in 12 hours with only caffeine and 4 hours of total sleep over the 36 hour weekend.

What's next for meplusme

Actually finishing it and turning it into something that we can use in the future for another project!

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