The idea of MePay is to ease the difficulties faced by freelancers nowadays such as high competition for jobs, unsurity about payments, and high fees charged by middlemen. NEAR blockchain can help by guaranteeing payments with help of smart contracts, providing security and an integrated payment system that can save time delays, and fees in cases of international payments and its decentralised nature mean there is no middleman.

What it does

The platform allows users to add paid tasks. Two types of tasks are currently supported: FCFS - the first user who applied will be set as an assignee, SelectedByAuthor - the task author can select an executor e.g. by their ratings. Other users can apply and get paid by executing the tasks. Executors can submit a link to their results or upload files to IPFS. The task author can rate the executor.

How we built it

The smart contract is built with Rust and deployed to the NEAR testnet. The frontend is built with React.

Challenges we ran into

Most difficult challenge was to transform Solidity oriented frontend and make it work with Near smart contract.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Entire platform.

What we learned

I learned a lot.

What's next for MePay

Adding new features such as milestones, the ability for executors to rate authors, in-app notifications, change requests, reward negotiation, etc. Develop to the production-ready state and deploy to the NEAR mainnet.

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