It all began with the simple thought

that the internet is a great way to listen to music and we should help mix it up a little bit.

With advances in streaming technology and with the creation of all kinds of new distribution laws that pertain to music being distributed online it should be easier than ever to discover music! However what this has translated into is no matter what kind of internet-based radio station you choose to listen to it always ends up turning into a Taylor Swift (TM) and Drake radio. We hope that something like MeowMixer could remedy that. MeowMixer isn't your mom's internet radio, it's much better! It's pre-loaded with tons of community playlists from SoundCloud that never get stale like old internet radio. It is build to be easily updated from a week-to-week basis.

It was built using some basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript in-conjunction with SoundCloud's API. This proved to be a challenge to the team mostly because the team was consisted of TWO AWESOME PEOPLE who may or may not have had little to no programming experience before this hackathon, so we ended up teaching ourselves how to code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as how to integrate an API into a website. We are pretty proud of what we made and we are confident that it is going to basically take over the internet and make us millionaires. If any updates are to come we would want to integrate our own login system to enable ourselves to track our community's interest and more efficiently choose playlists that are outside of their comfort-zone or just past their musical outreach. We hope that you enjoy MeowMixer as much as we did!

Try it out now at on Mobile or Desktop!

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