This web application allows women to request for help in an inconspicuous way. In developing countries, SMS is most accessible, which is why we decided to primarily communicate and aid users via SMS. In addition, we send daily funny cat photos to subscribers as the daily reminder that Meow Cat is there as a support service and to ensure that Meow Cat is at the top of their messages. Users will be able to input their specific single character code when they want to call for help. That code will trigger a request for help to their family/friends number or a local authorities number depending on the severity of the situation. The idea is to provide women in developing countries an inconspicuous way to call for help anytime.

Future growth:

  • Localization: 1 - so that humorous images are more relevant to the region of the user 2 - provide resources for all regions in the form of links to organizations that could be contacted in their time of need
  • Uber integration in countries where Uber is available: 1 - allow users to escape dangerous situations by discreetly requesting an Uber
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