While I am a huge advocate of the education system, I strongly believe that it can be improved and enhanced through the implementation of personalized learning as well as mentorship. In the current schooling system, students of all different learning styles and backgrounds are taught the same material and in the same way. This cookie-cutter framework greatly hinders many students from unlocking their full potential. This is why we built Mentree - provides free access to 1:1 sessions with qualitified mentors in STEM subjects - Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science.

What it does

Mentree is a webapp that connects students who need assistance in sciences and mathematics with volunteers and experts in these fields, providing 24/7 education access all from the comfort of your home. Mentree does this through a simple and seamless 3-step process: registration, searching, and booking.

How I built it

Mentree was built on Ruby on Rails which is a web application development framework. We used html and css for the frontend and for the backend and we used Ruby to do the input processing as well as creating databases through models to store data such as who the mentors are and when the available lesson times are.

Challenges I ran into

The creation of Mentree has been quite a journey, and just like any journey, ours was full of various ups and downs. While collaborating with my two other teammates completely virtually was challenging at first because we could not share all of our screens with one another at all times, we were able to adapt to this by being clear when dividing up the tasks and responsibilities we each had. Our strong communication allowed us to minimize any barriers one teammate could face in their work due to another teammate having not finished their tasks, and also significantly sped up our webapp development and design process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm incredibly proud of my group's teamwork abilities - thanks to everyone's understanding, patience, openness to new ideas, and resourcefulness, we were able to create and design a webapp with many different functionality features (sign-up, scheduling, searching, and lesson creation) that could very potentially evolve to connect real-world mentors with students needing help in STEM subjects in the near future!

What I learned

Through my first hackathon, I learned a lot about design, coding, and teamwork!

What's next for Mentree

Development into a fulling functioning platform to connect mentors to mentees!

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