The recent COVID pandemic has disrupted many sectors, especially the educational and industrial sectors. The enormous number of layoffs due to COVID19 and difficulties faced by students due to the closing down of their institutes inspired us to do something about it

We build as ''tech for social good" to help the students, struggling employees, and frustrated recruiter

What it does brings the two sectors together to better equip them for a competitive job market. With their verified credentials, now the ex-employees can upgrade their skills by mentoring students and in-turn get noticed by recruiters! Students get to work on hands-on projects under these skilled mentors to thrive in a competitive job market.

Mentors earn a small amount as a reward and gain points for helping out students with their projects. Top performers get to have a 1:1 virtual coffee chat with a recruiter.

Students can verify their skills by taking our assessments and earn scratchcards to win tickets to global conferences! Students are also encouraged to help out their peers and gain points to get referrals!

Recruiters get to network with potential candidates with proven skills as demonstrated by their mentorships.

Potential Users

  • Students- who are overwhelmed with the plethora of online resources and who needs a helping hand
  • Ex employers - who are looking for a platform to showcase their skills and get a chance to land on a job
  • Recruiters - who are tired of looking through 1000's of applicants and are unable to find a right candidate for the post

Workflow of the poduct

  1. Users, usually students, post about the project idea they need assistance for (or any other issue they want help in) with the proposed reward points.

  2. Other users experienced in the related technologies(professionals) can choose to work on these projects/issues and bid these projects by commenting on why they are a good fit and points required for the task.

  3. Help-seekers can then choose someone from those who responded to their particular issue as their mentor, assign the task to them and work with them on the project/issue they have.

  4. After successful completion of the task, points are rewarded to the mentors by the mentees.

  5. Upon reaching a certain level of points, the users ( usually job seekers like laid-off professionals ) can connect with recruiters and request for a meeting with them.

  6. Recruiters can look into their profile and accept to connect with potential candidates. And if convinced, they can offer an interview for any of the current job openings in their firm.

  7. Users can also get their skills verified by taking skill tests and if they perform well, they receive amazing gifts like event passes, vouchers, Spotify playlists in the form of a scratch card.

  8. We also implemented a chatbot to provide assistance and support for our users


  1. Chatbot

The new reality of prolonged quarantine period and lack of socialization with other family members, friends, and managing the fear of contracting the virus and worry about people close to us who are particularly vulnerable, are all challenging for each one of us. A lot of students and ex-employers are stressed and at a verge of depression, More than 50% of those suffering from mental health issues are not seeking treatment, due to social stigma. This present environment in the world has increased stress and anxiety amongst the people. Introducing to you Jessica, your very own AI companion. Jessica can help you overcome your isolation and loneliness.

  1. Leaderboard and payment system for the top-performing candidates
  2. A verified skill assessment portal
  3. A chance to win cool swags (through the scratch card option) 5 Potential candidates get an opportunity to land on an interview

Why The innovation and social impact

1. Students

As students, we often find it difficult to find the resource from the plethora of online content. We find hours surfing through the web, to find a solution for a small issue. It would be a great help for students like us to get a mentor for helping us to develop a project at an affordable price. Since most of our educational institutes are closed, we find it difficult to find someone to help us out gives students an opportunity to connect to mentors from different parts of the part, at an affordable price. also works as a peer to peer network, that lets students help each other out.

2. Ex employers

A lot of employers have lost their job due to the recent COVID pandemic. They spend hours surfing the web to find the right job and to get an additional source of income. This lockdown also provides them ample time to give back to society by helping the younger mentees out there provides them with an opportunity to earn an additional income and a chance to help the young developers who are seeking their help. This would also help them sharpen/revise their skills. Also through the platform top-performing candidates, gets an opportunity to land in an interview with a recruiter of their choice

3. Recruiters

Recruiters find to hard to find the right candidates from the plethora of applicants. provides recruiters the opportunity to connect with our top-performing candidates (who have passed our skill verification test). Thus instead of taking the hazzle of going through 1000s of applicants, the recruiters can go through the handful of potential candidates

How we built it

Sleepless nights + fun+ coffee

Challenges we ran into

It was a bit challenging to design the recruiter feature. We worked fully remotely from 3 different cities, therefore communication was a major challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement a lot of features in a short period of time. The idea provides a win-win situation for job-seekers as well as students and we're very proud of transforming our idea into a viable product.

What we learned

We learned to build applications using bootstrap and flask, which helped us speed up our development process. We also learned to build chatbots using flowxo.

What's next for

We plan to implement daily check-in for users. Study circles for various tracks are the next major feature that we wish to implement. Competitions and challenges also can be introduced to encourage users.

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