All of us have times where we wish we had mentors. Finding a mentor to guide us in classes, give us tips for getting internships is hard nowadays. We believe that with mentr. the process of mentor-mentee matching can be done effectively without hassle.

What it does

mentr. allows users to create profiles, and find mentors according to their needs and preference, through a Tinder-inspired swiping process (right for yes, left for no). Mentors will then receive this request and can choose whether to accept or decline. Once matched, users will be able to message their mentors, and schedule study sessions. Once the quarter or mentorship ends, mentors and mentees will receive ratings from each other.

How we built it

1. Webpage - We used angular to create a responsive single-page web application. alt text

2. Database and Hosting - We used Google's Firebase to sync and store data in real-time between users. alt text

3. User Interface - The user interface mockup is initially designed with Sketch, and then implemented using HTML, CSS, and javascript. alt text

Challenges we ran into

  • Only two people in the team.
  • First time using Sketch.
  • Finding a way to recreate Tinder card swipe animation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1. Mentor Matching System - We developed a simple mentor-mentee matching system, inspired by Tinder's interactive swiping process.

2. User Interface Design- We developed a minimalist and clean design with cool animation.

What's next for mentr.

  • Implementing a scheduling system.
  • Make the rating & review system works.
  • Better mentor-mentee matching based on interest and other criteria.
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