University students currently lack a system to connect them to a mentor to help direct their future education. Students enter a specific program, confident it’s their true passion, however, after a year of painful examinations and grueling nights of studying, they may find that their once fiery passion has been converted to an immense inconvenience. Soon, the student finds that they are 2 years into their program, hesitant with which field they really want to pursue, and insecure about who to approach for guidance. Currently, institutions offer “mentorship programs” that facilitate events where students can network with alumni and professors. These resources typically require the student first sign up for the event and get out of their comfort zone and attend the event in a public setting, which is intimidating for a student. Students may feel discouraged or ashamed that they want to change career paths 2 years into their degree, and may fear judgement from peers. MentorUnite is a platform that provides a quick and easy way to meet with a mentor in private. After a quick sign-up session, an initial short questionnaire is implemented to obtain a better understanding of the student’s needs and to help connect them with an appropriate mentor. Once matched, the student will be required to establish an agreed upon meet-up time, date and location to ensure a proper introduction, after which the student will be able to converse freely with the mentor. Our app provides a more personal and efficient approach, allowing students to discreetly connect with mentors at the click of a button.

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