As female STEM students soon hoping to join the industry, the underrepresentation of women in both professional and educational STEM environments is a persistent issue we’ve noticed even in the age of rapid technological development. It’s hard for women to enter the STEM field and stay in the STEM field.

So we wanted to create something for women to help each other. To mentor each other. To build a better society for each other. To build a world that is more welcoming and more inclusive of all skill sets in the workforce.

Meet Mentorsy. An app that will allow women to help women enter this field and break barriers, create innovations, and build the future.

What it does

Mentorsy is a matching app, similar to the Tinder algorithm, that will allow mentors and mentees to match with each other one on one. Some of our features

  • Creates you an account to welcome you Mentorsy
  • Matching algorithm that you can use to match with your ideal mentor/mentee!
  • A chat feature after you match to help you connect
  • Settings to toggle information visibility
  • Ability to add or delete media and change your photos

How we built it

  • Wireframing: Figma
  • UI/UX: ReactJS, HTML, CSS in VSCode (including bootstrapping)
  • Collaboration: Github, VSCode liveshare
  • Backend: NodeJS and MangoDB

Challenges we ran into

  • Our backend developer dropped out last minute and Emily ended up learning and implementing all our backend during the hackathon
  • A github push/pull incident lost us some code and a lot of time
  • Matching algorithm was difficult to implement; we were a bit confused with how to implement the swiping animation and matches
  • Ran into a major CSS bug and reformatted our entire project an hour before the submission

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We we’re able to created a fully functional matching algorithm
  • All of our webpages routed together
  • Our backend is functional !!

What we learned

  • mongoDB and Node.JS
  • Bootstrap in react
  • How to make HTTP requests
  • The importance of using branches in Github

What's next for Mentorsy

  • Clean up the design!
  • Implement a chat feature in which we can properly store the information in the backend
  • Implement a "super like" feature
  • Allows users to add multiple pictures of themselves that show their different talents and personalities
  • Include a "Recruiter" user; both the mentor and the mentee may have the chance to match with them

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