Participating in the developers community hackathon aside, this application was inspired by the children of Hope Center, Mathare. Whose founder is always looking for mentors to talk to the children. He worries constantly that because the hard life is all the children see, they will continue the cycle of poverty.

It was also inspired by the collaborative spirit in my work place that encourages learning new skills by following tutorials as well as finding a mentor in that field to help you grow in the right way.

This bot will help persons interested in learning a particular field to find a mentor in a field they would like to level up on.

How it works

Register to become a mentor.

Go to the bot and select Become a mentor Register with your details wait for your email activation email and confirm email.


Once your email is activated, You will be able to login to your account, view your mentee requests and accept or reject them. You will also be able to edit your bio and change your credentials.

Find a mentor

On the bot, select find a mentor Enter the field you would like to be mentored in. A list of available mentors will be displayed You can select one and request for a mentorship session One your request has been accepted, an email will be send to you informing you of the request status.

This Bot is built using :

  • Facebook Messenger

This website is built using:

  • Postgres DB
  • Python Django framework

The entire application is hosted on heroku.

The messenger bot can be found at The Mentor_Bot website is

Built With

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