As women in the technology space who have been greatly impacted and inspired by our mentors, we wanted a platform to encourage more women in the technology space.

MentorShip's purpose

MentorShip "ships" an aspiring mentee with their mentor, and vice versa, based on whether they swipe left or right upon viewing their profile. They can view the interests, schools attended, or companies they have worked for to determine if they’d be a good "ship". MentorShip’s key values come from the anchor and nautical ship wheel shown in their logo. The anchor represents the secure bond formed between mentor and mentee, a stable footing that the mentee can always fall back on. The nautical ship wheel represents MentorShip’s mission to help you navigate through your personalized career trajectory.

What it does

-Create user and choose either a mentor or a mentee -Receive user authentication using AWS mobile -See stored users in a database using AWS -Swipe left or right to choose the mentor or mentee right for you -See stored matches in the database using AWS

How I built it

We found a tinder-based open source project made with React Native and attached Amazon Web Services mobile for 2-factor authentication and profile creation, also attaching it to a database.

What I learned

With two of us being business students (and first hackathon) and one of us being an experienced hackathon and CS major, we brought a lot of different skills and experiences to the table. From branding to debugging, I learned a lot from my first hackathon.

What's next for MentorShip

-Add matches list and messaging capabilities -Add google maps API to see mentors and mentees based on your location

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