As high school students ourselves, we are well aware of the need for communication of opportunities to job shadow and gain invaluable hands-on experience in the local industry. While college students have a plethora of networking and internship opportunities, high school students lack the means to contact mentors and job shadow. After an intense brainstorming session, our group decided to take on the challenge and create a database that answers these problems.

What it does

As high school students, the rising workforce of the new generation, it is more than beneficial to gain early exposure by nurturing a relationship with a mentor, learning about the day-in-the-life of a certain career, or job shadowing. By using MentorOne, a mobile app and website, you can directly contact local businesses and potential mentors in different industries like STEM, Transportation, or Architecture.

How we built it

Our team decided to streamline the process by creating distinct design groups - one for the website and app. Using HTML, we underwent a learning curve to successfully create a multi-paged website with functionality in the form buttons. Previously never using HTML before, we researched the best way to create the graphics and the specific syntax, totally starting over 3 times, before reaching the final product. Specifically for businesses, the website allows companies to submit data including mentor contact information and available mentorship opportunities.

Challenges we ran into

In the second facet to MentorOne, the second design team used Flutter to create an app that was specifically meant for an easy interface and appealing aesthetic for high school students. The “tree” like flow to the app underwent much revision before we settled on the structure of moving from industry, job, company, and then mentorship opportunities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most rewarding part of creating MentorOne would be to see the fully functioning app and website after 24 hours of work, and that we are sure meets a need (and one that we have faced) in real life. More than that, tackling the brand new language of HTML was a daunting task that we overcame. Another challenge was integrating the components of the website data with that of the mobile app with Firebase. We were initially not sure of how this would work, but through trial and error with using the HTML submit vs button function, we managed to succeed.

What we learned

More than anything, we learned how to collaborate on a tech-based project and although we were initially split into two distinct design groups, we needed the skill to merge these into one. We believe that this was one of our stronger suits, and the way that it came together was a notable achievement. Additionally, we are proud of the design/ graphics of the mobile app that reflects a clean design.

What's next for MentorOne

We envisioned that MentorOne would be a tool aimed at school counselors to increase the scope of its reach. Hopefully, with more development, MentorOne can impact students trying to secure an internship over the summer. In the future, we also want MentorOne to prepare students for professional work later in life as well as colleges.

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