Why are we spending our valuable weekend to hack? It’s because we are students eager to learn more and work on a fun, interesting project to develop our technical skills. When we’re brainstorming and wrapping our heads around the topic of ‘accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity,’ we thought it would be wonderful to have a platform that enables us to discover hacking opportunities across the world, find a team to hack with, showcase our proof of concept and get recognized by professionals and recruiters. This is why we created MentorMe - a virtual co-working space for programmers and designers.

The two designers in our group worked with Figma to build the visual design and prototype between the pages. By learning to reference UI kits available (such as Material Design), we were able to simplify the design process by representing information efficiently. The challenges we faced were keeping consistency across pages with different assets. In the future, it would be effective to explore a standard style guide before beginning the design process.

The two programmers in our group worked with Javascript, HTML, CSS and Python Flask for web app development. While Python Flask presented an initial learning hurdle, once we were on track to create basic functionality such as rendering pages, we moved on to creating additional features in Javascript. Once we gained more familiarity with the syntax and features of the languages, we shared these insights with each other.

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