Everybody needs access to a mentor, no matter from where you come. Let's Growth all together There is always somebody better than you, and you will be always better than somebody else on certain knowledge.

SDG Selected

We're going for the SDG 4: ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all


Thanks to all the people that mentored me in a direct and indirect way, I have grown pretty quickly, so the idea is to give to other people the opportunity too – one of the founders

You can save years of life time by having the opportunity to approach someone that already pass through a similar path – one of the founders

What it does

Connects people to mentor and be mentored, helping everyone to growth.

This platform match and connects people based on their knowledge levels and languages they talk.

Through the Mentorik web page you are able to register with the FB Login tool, fill out information about the languages you talk and skills you're interested on. Then the magic starts, we will find you possible matches that shares the same languages than you speak, and has similar level of knowledge. You can help someone with lower level of knowledge, and be helped from someone with higher level of knowledge. Then you're able to connect with your mentor/mentoree through Messenger.

Also with the friendly Mentorik chatbot you could learn about been an mentor or mentoree, like best practices, will guide you as a mentor/mentoree.

How we built it

  • The Web Page is made on React, and other tools like Redux. Using the FB Login as Authenticator.
  • It will connects to an API made on Hapi.js and mongoDB as database, where will be stored and gathered the users data and the kinds of knowledge.
  • Then the way to connect on Messenger is through a chatbot made on Yalochat framework, than will notify you when an mentor/mentoree wants to approach you, and the chatbot give you tips about good practices.

Challenges we ran into

  • Takes us time to get the messenger Id, to send the messages, because FB login uses different Ids for the users (the one retrieved on login process).
  • Until now, there is no way to create a messenger group through API.
  • Time to time little issues with the tools used, like miss configurations, due to mental fatigue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • a frontend working (the web page) in a short time
  • a backend working functioning (the API and DB) in a short time
  • a friendly chatbot that will guide you as a mentor/mentoree, and be notify when some want to connect with you

What we learned

  • About fb tools configurations
  • About hapi.js configurations
  • More about mentoring

What's next for Mentorik

The platform has a lot of potential, some of the ideas we have:

  • Community Contribution: be able to add more skills (kinds of knowledge), and add content of good practices as mentor/mentoree
  • Connecting Ways: be able to create messenger groups for the first contact, later be able to meet on online video conferences.
  • Gamification: be able to be scored on your performance as a mentor/mentoree, how many time you spend learning and teaching, and Rankings that can be shared between your FB friends
  • Security: is very important to take on when you are connecting people, there is always the probability of misconduct from the mentor/mentoree. Through ranking system most of the cases could be avoided and with a flagging system quick actions could be taken if misconduct is reported.
  • Sustainability: a way to encourage being a mentor is pretty important. So a Wallet system could be introduced, each certain amount of mentoring will give you coins. And to get a mentor you will be paying coins. Like interchanging knowledge. And also be able to buy coins.

"Mentorik", from where it comes that name?

Everybody needs access to a mentor, no matter from where you come.

On Cholan Mayan:

  • Woman - Ixik
  • Man - Winik
  • Black - Ik'
  • White - Sik

Some Mayan words finished on the suffix 'IK', like in a way representing inclusion on just one syllable.

Talking about the importance of inclusion and be able to give access to opportunities to everybody.

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