We were inspired by the GitCoin project and wanted to extend this functionality to the allow for senior developers to connect with junior developers to mentor.

What it does

MentorCoin allows users to connect through GitHub and post pull requests for code they need help on, and offer a small Eth bounty as a reward. Mentors can browse through a list of requests to see where they can offer their expertise. The Eth reward is disbursed through the StandardBounties system.

How we built it

Our Code Review Request uses StandardBounties. On the front-end we use JavaScript and use Django for the back-end. We talk to GitHub, MetaMask, and IPFS. We use dockers for containerization.

Challenges we ran into

Some of our team was not familiar with the Django framework as well as Docker so getting up to speed there took a little bit of time.

From a StandardBounties perspective, we ran into an issue trying to get the BountyID from a successfully submitted Bounty. Due to the async nature of interacting with the blockchain through MetaMask and web3js, we aren't able to get the BountyID without creating a separate process that either polls the blockchain for all Bounties (and compares IPFS data payload), or a service that listens for the created bounty event emitted by the contract.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Code Review Request and Discovery accomplished at a Hackathon!

What we learned

  1. How to integrate StandardBounties into our project
  2. Communication with MetaMask/IPFS/
  3. Django and Docker use

What's next for MentorCoin

Right now we have Code Review Request Creation and Discover, the next step is to close the loop by adding Fulfillment. We are excited to continue work on this project either on our own or with a possible collaboration with the GitCoinProject.

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