Coming out of high school or college and moving on to the real world can me scary. Mentors can be a HUGE help in your life as they guide you through finding a career you'll love to helping you with professional decisions. Without having to sign a Google Form and have someone else match you and a mentor/mentee, Mentor YOUniverse allows for a quick swipe away from matching with more than one mentor/mentee.

What it does

Mentor YOUniverse is only available for Android systems and is a Tinder-like system that matches mentors with mentees and vice versa. Once you match with a mentor and mentee, you can start to chat with them!

How we built it

We used Android Studio with Firebase and Gradle. The coding languages we used were purely Java. We used XML documents to do the markup and the design!

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes the cards where people should appear on the main screen would disappear. We fixed that over hours of debugging and found out that in the back-end, the cards feature was streaming to a location that didn't exist!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The swiping feature is incredibly helpful for ease of quickly matching to many people, and the name of the app is pretty out of this world too! We're also just proud that we created an app from scratch for the very first time, allowing us to learn a lot from this experience.

What we learned

We learned how to use Android Studio, Firebase, and Gradle for the first time. We learned a lot more about Java too. We are beginners and have never used Android studio nor participated in a hackathon!

What's next for Mentor YOUniverse - Venus Track

We'll add features including sorting preferences, reporting, and adding a bio/more elaborative profile! We will also add notifications for a match and a message!

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