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A person goes through a number of phases in their lives. At childhood, they are mostly exposed to simple ambitions like an engineer, a doctor and a firefighter. But as they grow, they start developing a passion for something, and then more opportunities for careers open up. But not everyone is exposed to the same opportunities.

Not all countries have the same level of education. Some can even afford education. Some people come from a disadvantageous background while others come from an advantageous background. This can cause inequalities in the workplace and even in our day to day lives.

What it does

Mentor allows people who have issues deciding on their career path to get assistance from mentors and people who have also gone through similar situations.

How I built it

Mentor was built with Android Studio using the Kotlin programming language used to make android apps.

Challenges I ran into

We struggled on deciding on an SDG and an idea to work on near the beginning but once we decided everything went smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to improve our coding, presenting and as well as our editing skills. But most importantly, we learned how to manage time effectively. We also learned that having a team can make achieving anything possible and fun along the way.

What I learned

Hasib H. - I learned a lot about UI design and about video editing. Akshat Bohre - I learned a lot about styling and HTML, CSS and a lot about Bootstrap as well.

What's next for Mentor

We plan on integrating AI into our app to make it have a bigger and better effect on the usage of the app. Currently, it is available on only 1 platform, Android. We plan on reaching it to iOS and possibly the web to allow more users to benefit and to help provide equality in work, increase employment to increase the economy and benefit humanity.

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