A few weeks ago I came across an internal case study by IBM that said over 90% of startups fail within their first 5 years. The founders have excellent ideas but poor execution capabilities primarily due to poor/no planning. They also don't have access to any guidance or mentor. This became my inspiration and the problem statement

Mentor Mix is a platform where experienced startup mentors and experienced freelance advisors would be able to upload general content in the form of videos or podcasts and a startup enthusiast would be able to watch these videos, these videos and podcasts would contain theoretical information more such as funding, patenting, legal advice, interviews, etc. If a person likes a certain startup mentor, particularly for his videos, then he can approach him directly through our platform and get access to 1 on 1 mentorship.

Currently, the product is at the MVP stage, we got the landing page up a few days back through which people can pre-register on our platform. The landing page was created through front-end development languages - Html, CSS, and JavaScript

We had to think of a customer acquisition strategy, which is the most difficult part for every startup. Since this strategy would be used after the launch of the MVP in q4 2022, we have thought about a couple of strategies and have enough time to discuss them and finally go ahead with one strategy.

Getting the landing page up and taking the first step towards our entrepreneurial journey. We also were able to get 135 pre-registrations within a span of 4 days and 0 marketing cost thanks to LinkedIn and word-of-mouth marketing

Age is just a number, you are never too young or too old to become an entrepreneur.

With the landing page up, we have now started working on the MVP. Once, the MVP has been made, we will invite the pre-registered users to try out the platform and give reviews, based on the reviews, we will change whatever is required in terms of the design and features before the official world launch of the platform, which is scheduled for q1 2023.

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