One of the most common themes the new immigrants mention is how a mentor or others have helped them in their new country. I wanted to create an app that helped both the mentor and the mentee foster their relationship in a fun way.

What it does

Mentor Angel works by rewarding 'Angel' badges to mentors who consistently help those in need. The idea was every time a mentor helps a mentee, they log the activity and slowly earn badges. These rewards don't have any monetary value, but they are just a way of showing appreciation to the mentors.

This app also includes a custom google search that limits searches to just immigration websites. This way users can more easily find things that are important to them.

How I built it

For the server side I used SpringBoot 2.0 and Postgres for the back end DB. For the front end I used Angular 6. The UI is primarily made for mobile access.

Challenges I ran into

I had some trouble using Angular Material for UI components. I also had some difficulties deploying onto AWS. Specifically the connection between the DB and the SpringBoot services.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of what I was accomplished on such short of time by myself.

What I learned

I believe I improved on my skills in Angular 6.

What's next for Mentor Angel

  • Text via website to maintain anonymity between Mentor and Mentee.
  • Automated security checks on Mentors.
  • Search and Matching for Mentors and Mentees.
  • Company anonymous access to vetted prospective employees.

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