One of the big inspirations behind this project was a difficulty we all had during online learning: miscommunication between students, teachers, and schools. We found that school-wide announcements weren’t always reaching our inboxes and that schools and teachers had few tools to push reminders and messages beyond the school’s email domain. We hope that with this website, principals, teachers, and club advisors will be able to send announcements to all their students reliably, thus helping both online and in-person students stay on top of their assignments and projects.

What it does

Provides a platform for teachers to push announcements and reminders to their students, and allows students a central place to view their messages, thus helping them stay on top of their assignments and projects.

How we built it

We used html, css, javascript, and a mySQL database php api.

Challenges we ran into

Struggled with tweaking the UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since half of our team is fairly inexperienced with frontend and are beginners, we were super proud when they managed to create much of the functionality in the app, as well as integrate the frontend with the backend database API.

What we learned

Two of our newer team members took this project as a trial-by-fire in learning html, css, and javascript. Our more experienced team members became more comfortable working with mySQL.

What's next for Mention

We plan on adding a planner-esque feature, so that students can view upcoming deadlines and reminders. We also wish to add a physical/mental health questionnaire so that the transition between online and in-person learning is as safe for the students' wellbeing as possible.

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