Struggles between students and teachers.

What it does

Allows teachers and students to come together via the same platform

How we built it

using HTML, css, and js.

Challenges we ran into

Struggled with utilizing the database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting so far as a rookie team

Explain your inspiration behind your project? During a meeting with the school principal, one of our co-founders expressed their concern for a lack of centralized communication directly between school admin, teachers, and students. We asked our principal if he had the ability to directly contact students, but he said he was unable to. He had tried emailing everyone in the school - but there were too many people to email. He had tried using platforms similar to Remind, but they cost up to $10,000. Eventually, he gave up and decided to use google classroom, which less than 10% of students checked. To fix this issue, we decided to create a platform, where teachers could send notifications to students, or classes, while also enabling email notifications, allowing students to bring the proper materials to class, notifying students about homework, and sending out classroom announcements. Furthermore, most students coming out of stay-at-home orders are predicted to face a lot of stress as in-person school starts and are acquainted with getting online updates from their teachers rather than in-person announcements. We wanted to create a platform that would increase the organization of communication between students and teachers, thus making communication more accessible, easier, and familiar for students so they have one less thing to stress about! Furthermore, we wanted to make a platform that would allow students to stick to the familiarity and convenience of online updates, even when they start going back to school in person.

What does your project do?

Overall, our app allows for greater organization in the communication between school administration and students, which is more important than ever as students transition to in-person school from over a year of online school. School administration, such as principals, are able to create “organizations” for their schools. Within these organizations are channels, which represent the classes a student is in within that organization. Students are able to join organizations and channels through codes given by administration/teachers. These schools/organizations and classes can send students notifications about events and assignments through the channels, thus allowing them to receive notifications from different classes. This allows teachers and students to be on the same page, reducing error and miscommunication. Students and teachers sign up, via our platform. Teachers can also choose to send notifications via email, which will allow students to see announcements without opening the web app, thus allowing for greater convenience. One thing we can say for sure is that administrators won't have to pay upwards of 10k just to communicate with their students.

How did you create your project? Our project was created using a variety of html, javascript, and css files via Qoom. Along with these languages, we also used the database api, to ensure students and teachers can login to their respective organizations.

What is the effect your project will have on students returning to in person school? Our project aims to increase and improve communication between students and teachers, which is extremely important as students transition from online schooling to in-person schooling. Furthermore, since it is predicted that students will face increased amounts of stress and anxiety as schools reopen, we aim to make communication with higher administration seem more accessible and less daunting. This way, students will be able to form a clear line of communication with their school administrators/teachers. Adding onto the problem of anxiety and stress, our platform will make student’s school-lives less stressful, as they will be able to constantly receive reminders and stay organized. In fact, if we had more time, we would have integrated the announcement feature with a calendar, such that important dates from the announcements would be uploaded to the calendar. In fact, we plan on adding this feature after the hackathon ends.

Overall, our platform makes communication between students, teachers, and administration more texting-like, something which most people are already used to. In this way, we will aid the communication between students, administration, and teachers, thus reducing the stress and unfamiliarity of coming back to school in person. We know that if this app was deployed in real life, many people would be impacted, since our platform is more accessible than other ones like remind, while also being more convenient than platforms like google classroom!

What are some challenges you encountered, and how did you overcome them?

Two of our teammates were completely new to html, css, and javascript (since they’re normally CV/Machine Learning/backend devs). Despite this, they managed to create much of the functionality in the app, as well as integrate the frontend with the backend database API. Our team also struggled with using Qoom (as the collaboration platform is still Beta), as we faced issues such as losing much of the frontend. To avoid this, we saved HTML files as we updated content, preventing such issues with Qoom. We also utilized to save code, and to be able to revert back to older versions if we faced any major issues (which happened a lot).

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