Most teenagers don't share or discuss their doubts with others—especially adults. They feel insecure in sharing and usually keep their feelings bottled up and their questions remain unanswered. If not addressed, teenage insecurities may persist well into early adulthood.

Many teens also report feeling overwhelmed (31 percent) and depressed or sad (30 percent) as a result of stress from homework, school, and more.

High school is a crucial development stage in one's life. When a child becomes a teenager and transitions to adulthood in high school, they face several difficulties and experience emotions and feelings they may have never experienced before. At this age, students are insecure and feel uncomfortable talking with their parents on certain issues. This causes them to keep their feelings bottled up which harms their mental health. In addition to that, when teenagers are in high school they feel loads of stress and need an outlet to relieve this mental stress.

There needs to be a way that students can reduce their stress, express their feelings, and get answers to their questions.

What it does

Menti is a platform that teenagers can use to express their feelings and deal with stress. It has 3 features:

  1. Diary: Journaling can reduce anxiety, lessen feelings of stress, and increase mental well-being. You can use Menti's mental diary to write about thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are troubling you.

  2. Chatbot: Use Mentli's chatbot to let out all your frustration and feelings. Additionally, ask questions anonymously and get answers from other high schoolers.

  3. Mood Song: Menti's AI cam can scan your mood and provide a song that suits your mood to make your day. You can append song suggestions to help someone else find their song-of-the-day as well.

How I built it

Menti was built using HTML, CSS, JS, and Tensorflow.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of how usable Menti is - the clean and engaging user interface is something I worked really hard on so that being something I can actually use in my own life is amazing. Additionally, I am proud of having the arrangement of the website fixed, the number of features I was able to implement in less than 24 hours, and implementing state of the art machine learning algorithms to suggest songs was strenuous but it feels great to get through it.

What I learned

I am beginner in JS so I got the chance to learn and apply a lot of JS functionality. For instance, I learned how to train a model in JS. Although it was difficult at first I was able to succumb through.

What's next for Menti

In the future, Menti will expand how many emotions it can recognize. It will also develop better playlists and improve it's UI/UX.

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