We listened to microbusiness owners talk about their points of pain, specifically a coffee shop owner who was successful with customers but was struggling because she wanted to find more fine grained data about her sales, and could not. As a separate issue, she had recently bought a new point of sale system that charged her a lot of fees, and was straining her budget. From this, we deduced that this was a matter of not fully utilizing her advanced point of sale system, and attempted to find a solution within her current technology that could solve her financial question: namely, what products are selling better than others, and when? We quickly found it very difficult to find information regarding this. When we attempted to find more general information for microbusinesses, the search became even harder. Of the solutions we found, they were either too sparse to address any real life situation, not geared towards microbusinesses to the point of irrelevancy, cost a lot of money, or they required a waiting period of multiple days, something that could cost a lot for a microbusiness. We strive to translate the questions microbusinesses have into easily searchable terms in order to provide useful answers and resources while cutting back on the time and cost for them. For this, we provide real time Q&A and a substantial free knowledge base. For more specific business questions.

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