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Throughout the process of brainstorming our ideas, we focused on coming up with an effective solution for mental health problems. Even though our team members are from various countries, we agreed on the fact that people around the world are commonly suffering from psychological issues. We realized that the majority of the people are struggling with seeking help or finding someone to talk to and share their thoughts with. With that, we thought that a friendly approach to the users is indispensable for Mentalog to deliver direct support. By “Mentalog: Mental Health + Logbook,” we aim to form a positive environment for the users as a digital therapist.

What it does

Mentalog’s primary function is the speechbot function, which allows the users to log their day/mood by talking directly to it. We intended the feature of the chatbot to look friendly to allow users to approach comfortably. The chatbot uses the user’s speech and converts it to a text API. Next, we have an additional diary function that allows the users to record their moods or daily life.

How we built it

Prior to the main process, we started with brainstorming and researching the current problems occurring within people suffering from psychological problems to determine whether the functions of Mentalog can effectively help the intended users. We mainly used Repl.it to collaborate virtually for the leading web features. Also, we used Firebase to facilitate the process of signing up and collecting diary entries into the database. Next we used cloud text to speech API as well as speech to text API for the speech bot. Lastly we created the functions using javascript.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges that affected our team was the difference in time zones and collaborating through a virtual environment. Since we had to overcome the time zone difference for both the collaboration and the workshops, which was about 15~17 hours max among team members, we had to stay up until midnight in order to communicate and keep track of the project. Especially considering we built this in less than 24 hours. However, we were able to showcase the maximum potential of Mentalog despite the harsh environment and the short time limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Besides submitting Mentalog on such hackathons, we are proud of the fact that we successfully completed a project that can possibly help people around the entire world. Since mental health is a ubiquitous problem occurring globally, we were able to effectively research the real problems around the world. In addition, our teammates tried their best to implement the database, even though we all were not experienced with it much.

What we learned

We learned implementing firebase as a database, authenticating using firebase, text to speech api, and most importantly teamwork.

What's next for Mentalog

We plan to add additional functions such as a calendar that allows users to keep track of their schedule and mood changes. This will enable the possibility of the users seeing their improvement within their mental health. We are hoping that Mentalog will be able to approach users around the globe and positively influence them.

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