COVID-19 has impacted everyone in terms of feeling isolated and alone - however, the data suggests that those who suffer from a previous mental illness have increased feelings of isolation and therefore are greatly impacted by this lockdown. I wanted to create a platform by which those who suffer from mental illnesses can connect with those who are like them - in more ways than one (since the human is a complex creature not defined by a single entity), to help foster lasting relationships that may transcend this time.

What it does

Asks those who sign up to take a short quiz based on their interests and match them up to 2-3 other people of the same interests (roughly) in order for them to form a small group. They can attend events as well to meet new people outside of this small group in order to communicate and talk with others and connect. The people are hand-selected and not by an algorithm by purpose - it gives the user a sense that someone human and not a machine is looking out for them and instantaneously gives them that sense of comfort and belonging in the community.

How I built it

Through the Wix editor and Corvid

Challenges I ran into

I struggled with getting the data to populate into the spreadsheets that I linked them to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to make the quiz section and how to actually code my own web app - I'm normally the designer who tells the programmers what I want and how it should look like based on my psych and graphics background - however, this was the very first time I took a stab at actually doing the work myself. Whatever it turned out as. I'm super proud of it.

What I learned

To take a break from my computer and sometimes the idea will come to me.

What's next for Mentally Me&You

Launching it! Making it a reality will be beyond amazing.

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