Our personal experiences with mental health, including stress with remote learning and working, being isolated because of Coronavirus, and the protests that have been happening worldwide causing people anxiety and stress.

What it does

Mentally is a website that provide various resources such as exercise videos and hotlines for emergencies to alleviate people's stress, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How I built it

First we brainstormed, then made wireframes for each page, and finally we coded it peer reviewed each others work on glitch

Challenges I ran into

The carousel was hard to build and we had difficulties with our time management, however when faced with the challenges we were able to overcome them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a website that is user friendly while being informative and useful for all ages. ## What I learned The importance of teamwork and communication as well as the urgency of providing mental health support for all age groups worldwide.

What's next for Mentally

Fundraising for mental health hospitals, creating a social media platform, partnering with education based nonprofit organizations, gaining 501(c)3 status, and creating supplemental resources such as podcasts and webinars.

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