On the 11 th of March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) affirmed COVID-19, a pandemic, in response to more than 1,00,000 confirmed cases globally in more than 100 nations and the persistent danger of spreading further. During this high time of the pandemic, health safety is one of the major concerns across the globe. Due to this pandemic, a lot of people lost their relatives or friends, this shows how much we need to take care of everyone during these tough times.c One of the way to curb its menace is taking precautionary measures, as advised by the health experts. This pandemic has drastically affected the mental health of individuals because of mental stress, workload, lag in communication, etc.

We hereby present Mental Vaccine, a smart cross-platform mobile application that engages and interacts with the user and gives them a personalized experience to luster their day and helping them to overcome mental stress.

What it does

Just as the vaccine is important for physical well-being and protection against coronavirus similarly Mental vaccine can cure stressful minds, enlighten mood, and help users to cope up with a bad day.

  1. Geolocation Covid updates - As we know too much information during this pandemic can lead to an increase in mental stress so we have implemented geo-specific covid updates that can show you all the relevant information regarding the current situation in your city based on your GPS avoiding unnecessary updates and information to reduce mental stress.
  2. Chatbot - We added chatbot support that will help interact with you and help you to solve some basic health problems.
  3. Voice to Text search - To make the app more accessible for old peoples we added a voice to text support where you can just make Twitter or any resource query by just saying.
  4. Track your Family - Not just your mental health is important you also need o take care of your family and even friends. Track their mental health by syncing your profile.
  5. Emotion detection - It will ask some basic questions to make a report of your mental condition and based on that it will show you some uplifting quote after a long stressful day, so we have trained an AI algorithm to detect your mood and luster you with related quotes and advice.

How we built it

W used tech stacks which are Flutter, Python, Dialogflow, Deep Learning, Tensorflow Lite, and Google cloud to complete this project. Two of our team members worked on setting up the bot and did deep learning stuff and the other two worked on integrating everything in Flutter cross-platform app.

For building the app one may clone our project and then open Android studio and just build or you can also go to this link to download the app.

If you also want to contribute then raise the issue with your name and GitHub Id and get access to the resources. We believe in Open Source XD.

Challenges we ran into

Testing the app was now to challenges we faced and also we faced some more challenges while integrating the voice-to-text support to pass the voice for a Twitter search query.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working under deadline and working as a team is one of the best things we are proud of. Also, we learned various new tech stacks that will surely help us in the future.

What we learned

We learned how to link ML in mobile apps, bot in mobile apps, and how to use Twitter APIs in the app.

What's next for Mental Vaccine

  1. Add multi-language support.
  2. Add support to detect your emotion then show interesting content like memes, based on that.
  3. Survey questions to perform sentimental analysis
  4. Profile page to access family statstics using graphs and pie charts.
  5. Add more voice assistant features to make the app more accessible.

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