We want to help people with motor disability by creating a prosthetis that can offer them the possibility to work or develop in their favorite areas with equal conditions as most of the people.

What it does

We buit a prosthetic hand that work with the control of the mind by using Emotiv tech that read EEG signals from the brain and we interpret them in Arduino to make the right movements on the hand.

How we built it

We used 3D Printer for the prosthetic hand that is powered by servos and arduino as the microcontroller.

Challenges we ran into

Servos not working correctly, few tests on the prostethic hand resulted on time delays and changes in the design. And also the traning in the algorithm for the mind control resulted more difficult than we expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The 3D printing went really well and also we learned a new technology like EEG wave manipulation with the EMOTIV EPOC+

What we learned

We learned several things, as we mentioned before, we learned to use EEG technology for mind control.

What's next for Mental Prosthesis

There is a lot of improvement that can be done, mental control its the future but also a lot of research needs to be done. More movements of the prosthesis are required for it to be fully functional, but that requires more resources, like money and time.

// Were are entering also the FACEBOOK Challenge and we are table #78

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