Mental health and self care are important aspects of an individuals well being, but are too often neglected. Our group wanted to use our software development skills to build a platform so that a user could monitor trends in their lifestyle and make healthier choices towards better well being.

What it does

Every night the user can complete a short survey via SMS about their day, providing information about their overall mood, and total amount of sleep, exercise, and calories. That data is then rendered on our dashboard, so the user can view the correlation between the four factors over periods of time. Noticing these trends in their lifestyle is the first step in improving their mood and overall health.

How we built it

We incorporated Stdlibs api building software, with Twilio's SMS/cloud communication platform, to allow users to send and receives text messages from our web application. The users survey inputs were stored on MongoDB, and our database was hosted using AWS.

We used React with the Victory library to render interactive graphs for users to view immediate and long-term health correlations.

Challenges we ran into

Our application had a lot of moving parts and we initially had difficulties learning the new architectures we were exploring

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make it past the initial difficulties of this project, and completed a fully-functioning full-stack product. We were also a very well coordinated team.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the Stdlib library, and its strength in deploying back end api's quickly, as well as integrating with other services, like Twilio, to add unique features to our applications.

We also learned a lot about data visualization and how to transform a lot of data into a digestible medium for users.

What's next for Mental Picture

Two possible next steps could be additional questions asked by our SMS bot, and additional diagrams to display more insights to our users.

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