Mental Music started as a few of programmers looking to work on a cool project with awesome technology. We gained access to the Muse EEG and made the most interesting thing we could think of.

What it does

The premise of Mental Music is simple. It uses the EEG of the Muse to read the brainwaves of the user. It then takes those brain waves and converts them to sound waves. This allows the user to produce unique sounds using only their mind.

Challenges we ran into

The Mental Music team ran into several challenges when developing our application. Our primary challenges came from working with apis with little documentation and out of date examples while maintaining a good connection with our hardware.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Mental Music team is proud of our solution to converting the EEG output to sound data.

What we learned

Through this project we learned much about how sound data is utilized in Java. We also learned some UML diagrams useful for planning development.

What's next for Mental Music

In the future we’re going to continue doing cool stuff.

Built With

  • java
  • java-osc
  • java-oscp5
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