The stigma behind mental health spans further than a college campus. Mental health is a taboo topic, but increasingly relevant, especially in environments that demand perfection as they do today. Fighting against this stigma and finding the right resources for you or your loved one -- these are the ways we can start helping ourselves, family, and friends. Find your mental health match today.

What it does

This website is a scalable platform that will enable users to find mental health clinics within their specified time limit and required medical attention.

How we built it

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node.js

Challenges we ran into

Apparently, JavaScript and Java are not the same thing. Thanks to Derek at Facebook for helping us! #woo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning three new languages.

What we learned

Connecting the back-end to the front-end is not as easy as it seems.

What's next for Mental MatchMaker

Once we can connect the back end to the front end correctly, this will be able to scale to other cities and states around the country using various scraping APIs. As for now, this is scaled to the Durham area.

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