As college students, our group members are constantly under pressure from schoolwork and extracurriculars. In psychology classes, we learned the importance of taking care of our mental health in order to work to our full potential.

What it does

This website works as a resource to bring awareness to mental health issues, emphasize the importance of self-care, guide people to help hotlines, show people how they can help others, and educate people about mental disorders. The website will feature a chat bot that provides guidance and support to people feeling mentally/emotionally distressed. Based on what the user is experiencing, the chat bot will respond with helpful information and advice for their situation.

How we built it

Using Visual Studio Code, we implemented HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages to design a website that can navigate between multiple pages. Our utilization of HTML allowed us to draft out all of the website content, while our use of CSS provided the styling to render text and images on the website. We tied all of the content together with JavaScript to link the pages together and allow for the functionality of a website. The chat bot was created on Gupshup, a bot-building platform. We limited the utterances that the user could say to the chat bot by providing a set amount of responses to the chat bot's questions.

Challenges we ran into

Designing and coding a website with little to no experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was difficult at first, but after doing thorough research, we were able to learn as we coded. Another issue we ran into was that the chat bot would not display on the website home page after publishing the chat bot and inserting the JavaScript code into our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first time that our members have designed and developed a website from scratch. Looking back at the various versions of our website as we coded, it's astonishing to see how far we've come from a plain screen with dysfunctional buttons to a fully designed website with multiple pages.

What we learned

For some of our members, this was their first time working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Throughout the process of developing our website, we encountered a multitude of problems. Through pair programming we were able to collaboratively solve most of these issues. We also learned how to work with chat bots and their elements (intents, utterances, slots, slot types) at the "How to Build a Chatbot in AWS" workshop and implemented that newly gained knowledge into our project.

What's next for Mental Health Website

First of all, we intend to resolve the display issue with the chat bot and properly display it on the home page so users can navigate the website and find resources easily with the help of the chat bot. We also would like to develop a forum/blog for users to anonymously share their stories, thoughts, and advice regarding mental health.

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