Stress is an everyday part of life in modern society. While trying to cope, people don't prioritize their well-being, especially their mental health. So we wanted to encourage people to take better care of themselves and spread awareness on the issue of mental health, since it's such a broad topic.

What it does

It gives the guest a certain number (of the guest's choosing) of trivia question about mental health. After the guest answers, the system tells them them whether they were correct or incorrect. At the end of the questions list, the guest will receive a final score, which is the total number of questions they got right.

How I built it

We first researched questions and answers for mental health. We then used Java to write a simple for loop with an if and else statement to see which question it was.

Challenges I ran into

At first we wanted to make an app that would track a person's mental state as well as give them reminders to take care of themselves. However, when we started to code, we started running into problems because we were not sure to build it. We realized it was too ambitious and decided to do something a little simpler. That's how we cam up with a trivia game. Before settling on Java, we tried making the game in Python as well as JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though we had some problems, we worked together an overcame these obstacles to make a simple yet fun game. This is our first hack-a-ton and we are proud of what we have accomplished during this event.

What I learned

I learned how to make a game from scratch using both Python and Java. I was a beginner in coding when I started this event and I'm excited that I learned so many new things. I will keep practicing my coding and do my best to improve my coding skills.

What's next for Mental Health Trivia

Our plan originally was to make this an Android App but we were not able to do so with our limited knowledge of coding and Android Studio. In the future, we hope to release this app for all mobile types, both Android and iOS.

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