Mental health is an aspect of everyone's lives, although for some, it's more of a struggle than for others, especially at college where students are facing new and stressful stimuli every day.

What it does

Allows users to select what they need to get the help they'd like. This includes regular reminders to do things such as eating regularly and drinking water often, offering resources for mental health crises, creates an easy way to identify and track mental triggers and finally, gives users an SOS button to call an emergency contact when they find it otherwise hard to reach out for help.

Challenges we ran into

GitHub was an aspect of this project that we have never used collaboratively before, making it very difficult for us at first. However, it only took us a little while to identify mentors, volunteers and friends who were able to offer support!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone on our team participated in WiCHacks as their first hackathon and to get so far on a project with four people if very little experience is, to us, a major accomplishment. We even taught two of our members a brand new language in less than 24 hours!

What we learned

Our team used a lot of things we never have before. Two of us learned and used Java for the first time ever. All four of us were new to the Android libraries and Android Studio. We also tried to utilize GitHub, which was tricky for us to get the hang of and required a lot of external help.

What's next for Mental Health Tracking

We hope to implement a Mood Tracking capability, which would allow users to select colors based on how they felt that day. This would allow them to give more awareness to their emotions and hopefully be more inclined to find ways to improve them.

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