Mental health is a topic deeply interesting to me, and given the workaholic/burnout culture espoused in the technology industry, I thought it would be worthwhile studying how tech employees are affected and how tech companies have or have not tried to support their workers' mental health.

What it does

The linked Kaggle notebook displays some graphs on the survey participant makeup, prominence of different disorders diagnosed in participants (mostly mood and anxiety disorders), distribution of disorders by gender and age, and comfort of discussing mental health issues with bosses/coworkers graphed against whether the participant's employer provides mental health benefits as a part of the healthcare benefits package.

How I built it

Kaggle notebook with pandas and seaborn libraries. Dataset was provided by Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI).

Challenges I ran into

Cleaning freeform text responses and dealing with blank values

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Understanding charting libraries

What I learned

Cleaning datasets is annoying :\

What's next for Mental Health in the Workplace

I want to map mental health coverage geographically, though I don't think this dataset is comprehensive enough (only 418 responses).

Built With

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