Lend a Hand is a Chrome extension that serves as a preventative tool to detect harmful posts on social media before they go live. These posts include content with trigger warnings, descriptions of self-harm and suicidal ideation, and anything that suggests a user is struggling with their mental health. Lend gives the user the option to erase the post and access a link to professional help and services, or a link to learn more about mental health issues and how they can improve their outlook. The option of removing the post before it goes live is critical to reducing the contagious nature of these posts, as they often negatively impact others with mental health issues by normalizing or glorifying suicide. Lend interrupts the workflow of the user, giving them less incentive to post and more opportunity to discover resources that can be of assistance. Lend a hand and spread #positivity on social media. Lend is compatible with all websites across Chrome and encompasses a breadth of vocabularies.

Molly - add functionality to base Chrome Extension, scope out mental health resources, create sketchup of project design, work on

Fangge - web scrape user text from keyboard (log keystrokes), research NLP and text recognition classification (+, - text analysis sentiment)

Prath - integrated Microsoft Cognitive Services and Text Analytics API from Python backend, integrated with chrome extension through flask framework/heroku app

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posted an update

Thanks everyone who attended our project demo and offered suggestions. Additional features that we want to add to Lend:

Finish implementing jQueryUI to customize the alert box. Use Microsoft Cognitive Services - Image Analytics for image classification. User testing plan: get feedback from mental health professionals. Social media split-testing. Create a design that is universally recognized while not being misleading or overbearing. Implement sentiment analysis for different languages.

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