Discord is a messaging application similar to Slack that has gained extreme popularity among Gen Z. It's ability to create special group chats called servers that have additional functionality such as support for bots has contributed to its success. The members of our team can attest that discord has become a part of our daily lives. It is used to communicate with friends, classes, clubs, and more.

What it does

Our project is a bot that can be added to discord servers that can help address mental health concerns. Our project will impact discord users and make the platform a safer place.


Message Screening: Screen all messages sent within the server for keywords relating to suicide. If a message is detected, the bot responds with the suicide prevention hotline.

Hotline Access: Access information about a specific hotline by putting the command prefix "." before the name of the hotline. ex) .eating or .dating

Censorship: Free speech is a right. That said, there are some words society has deemed to be unacceptable to use in certain contexts. Warnings are given to users who use such language.

Encouragement: The command .encourage gives positive affirmations to keep you going and staying positive!

General Features: .help gives a list of all commands and .ping returns the ping of the bot

What We learned

How to use the Discord API.

What's next for Mental Health Discord Bot

More commands and more functionality coming soon. Our bot makes the present and the future a kinder place by discouraging negativity and giving help to those who need it. As such, we are committed to extending our project's functionality.

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