For this project, we are aware of the large number of mental health issues in the workplace. For instance, a research report by the Conference Board found that 52.3% of Americans were unhappy at work. Thus, we created this application to address this prevalent concern.

What it does

HappyHippo, engaging and simplistic by design, encourages its users to conduct periodic check-ins into the app. These check-ins aim to give the user attention on how they are feeling, uplifting them to feel happier if they are feeling down, and can de-stress themselves through catered, guided breathing and yoga exercises. Moreover, this application aims to promote workplace wellness by allowing users to share positive messages to other coworkers.

How we built it

Our team explored React and various JavaScript libraries to develop the visually appealing front-end portion of the application, and regarding the back-end, we used a query language known as GraphQL.

Challenges we ran into

With a number of beginners to the Hackathon scene, we lacked certain technical expertise and experiences. This delayed the starting processes and stage of our development especially during the initial time frame in the morning, where we ran into several issues with the setup.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Every single member of our team put forth our greatest efforts for numerous hours on end. What we are most proud of is the significant learning, insights, knowledge, and mentorship that we gained from this collective effort and hardwork. We are confident that we have improved, and strengthened our skills in project development.

What we learned

We learned about React and GraphQL, such as their functionality and how to use them. More importantly, we learned about the importance of recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We realized that we would work best as a team, where we can make the most out of what each person brings to the table.

What's next for

Next, we are planning to fully implement the back-end to the front-end for all the pages in our app.

The backend can be found at

Built With

  • figma
  • graphql
  • materialui
  • react
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