After the recent outbreak of Measles cases in Loudoun County, I was inspired to create a project to limit the spread of the infection. The Measles Self-Checker is a easy to use, convenient quiz. It also provides further steps the user can take if the user has the infection. Using, I created the Self-Checker to provide results for any outcome that the user may input. While creating the project, there were many bugs that would occur in the code which varied from syntax to proper linking, but I was able to fix it through trial and error. I am very proud that I was able to create it because through this simple creation, many lives could be saved. Although Measles do not seem like a severe infection, it can be extremely life-threatening, therefore, it is important that it is given more attention. While building this project, I was able to become much more proficient in coding and it taught me how to focus on the CSS part as well as the hard code because the aesthetic makes a big difference. I am hoping that more attention is given to this infection and that this creation would be open to more people.

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