We Wanted to create a place where you can get good Food and Yoga Plan which can help you to improve your Mental Health

What it does

It Asks you some basic question of different domains of your life and then it gathers all the data and then calculates the Mental Health Percentage of yours and assign you a Yoga and Food Plan

How we built it

We Have Used Many Technologies

  1. NodeJS
  2. JSON Files
  3. Node Packages : expressJS, nodemailer, File-System.

We Documented our plan at link

Challenges we ran into

_ 1. Using JSON Files for data manipulation.(as this was the first time we used JSON instead of MongoDB or MySQL).

  1. Sending PDF file over mail using nodemailer._

What we learned

A. About Yoga and Food For Mental Health. B. Bootstrap technology. C. We learned to work with JSON file using NodeJS. D. Send PDF using nodemailer

What's next for Mental Hack

_ We are looking forward to participate in more and more Hackathons so that we learn by participating as it is fun, easy and fast. _

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