As four girls currently majoring in various STEM majors, we've enjoyed sharing an interest in programming. However, we've noticed that it can oftentimes be difficult to talk to women in high positions in tech. One of the speakers at the opening ceremony of this hackathon, Alexandra Dahl, a current developer at Northrup Grumman, shared her story of moving up the ranks of the tech industry and noticing the lack of female peers in the profession. As a result, she strongly encouraged all of us to pursue any passions we have and to in turn continue encouraging the fellow women in our lives to pursue their passions. Her advice inspired us to create this women-centric web app that allows women to easily connect to female mentors in their area.

What it does

Our app allows a user to create an account with information such as their location and programming interests. Users interested in mentoring can also create accounts with their location and programming languages they are proficient in as well as a short description of themselves. The app then provides each mentee with a list of mentors that best match up to their learning interests. It also displays the mentors on a map for the user to look at and are able to contact.

How we built it

We decided to build our web app using Google Cloud services. We started by creating the front end and design using HTML and Javascript. Then we incorporated the map functionality using Google Places and the Google Maps API. Then we connected the app to Firebase to manage our database of users.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the time constraint, we found that implementing two different user paths (mentor/mentee specific access) was too difficult to pursue. Another challenge we found was in connecting Firebase to the Google Cloud platform and to our web application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud for staying awake throughout the duration of the hackathon and producing an app that will hopefully be able to benefit women by showing them opportunities to form connections with women in tech.

What we learned

We were able to learn Firebase and gain a lot of experience using Google Cloud tools for the first time. We also learned how to distribute work to finish under a strict deadline while also leaning on each other's strengths.

What's next for Ment-Her

In the future, we would hope to fully implement the app and start generating a community of users here in San Diego. We would also hope to expand the apps functionality to other careers in STEM such as Biology and Engineering.

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