Our Inspiration

If you look historically, we clearly see during economic downturns this long tail of mental, behavioral and often medical challenges. You see increases, which is all well documented in depression, anxiety, substance abuse and domestic violence Though the COVID-19 situation is far different. We are talking about really isolating in population of people. Significant percentage of unemployment, co-locating family members again and not providing them outlets to help manage a lot of the stress of this ordeal We feel like we will see substantially more challenges in the behavioral health space coming out of this than we have seen in the Great Recession, in which we did see profound changes in behavioral health and mental illness So we believe this platform will be able to break the barrier and reduce the gap of mental illness where we are expecting more people to move their mindset from Reactive to Proactive mental wellness, just by a click of a button

What it does

Description Ment-Heal is a mental health services designed to be accessed through USSD, mobile app and web browsers. It has several categories of services; Mental wellness: App for sleep and breathing, education tools and games that train you to have better mental health B2B Tools and sourcing: Provides search engines, provider tools and back office resources and B2B/corporate mental health programs and services Measurement and testing: Assessment, passive and active tracking or measurement of mood or other subjective tools and remote monitoring Telehealth: Remote engagement, treatment or interaction with a clinician Digital therapeutics: A resource that is used in conjunction with medication or behavioral intervention (digital medicine) Peer to Peer: Fighting isolation, bringing people together to be vulnerable with each other and creating connection for the purpose of well being

How we built it

We built this platform through variety of steps. First it was ideas to incorporate different categories of mental health services under one roof. We wanted to make a platform that can make a change in the world

Challenges we ran into

In that we wanted the platform to be diverse, the biggest challenge was getting different services incorporated in one platform. Programming is another ordeal, we decided to fill the app with games and educational tool that will capture more people of different age bracket to use our platform. Sometimes we got stack and never knew how to continue, so teamwork, passion and resilience is what we decided to dedicate into the project, though it is still a learning experience. Shortage of mental health specialist to offer the service was challenging too and to make people embrace that mental health is real and finally inadequate funds during piloting session was another nightmare

Accomplishments that we are proud of

This is the future of medical industry just by the click of a button. Getting all those categories together in one platform is a success from our end. We are mostly proud because the platform cut across different age bracket which is a plus

What we learned

Our minds just need a little twist to be in a position to face reality of life though it is easier said than done, and that mental illness is a silent epidemic

What's next for Ment-Heal (Mental Health Online Services)

After creating this platform, we plan to work hand in hand with like minded organizations and National Youth Council to do marketing and more bench-marking on how to get to different communities with less boring and more exciting ways through mental health games and interacting more with our platform. In future, we will add more doctors to enhance the telehealth and digital therapeutics to improve turn around time of service delivery and precision. This will assist more people complete their mental illness sessions

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