Although the lack of women in STEM is an issue as a whole, we are particularly interested in the lack of women in Computer Science, the only male-dominated field where the percentage of women is decreasing. We looked to find a solution that supports college-aged women in CS in their academic studies and professional career. We believe one of the main issues for women in computer science is the lack of representation within the CS community, which consequentially makes women feel like outliers. By providing them with a support system, including role models, tutoring, interview prep material, resume building, internship and job searching advice, etc. Ment. for Girls attempts to compensate for the CS community that has not been as welcoming as it should be.

What it does

At Ment. For Girls, we are committed to increasing the number of women in computer science by providing women with the guidance they need to prevail in a male-dominated field.

How we built it

Used Pixlr for the mockup designs of the User Interface, and used Visual Studio to write HTML/CSS for the prototype of the Sign In page.

Challenges we ran into

Computer issues, pages freezing/crashing as we developed our designs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a finished prototype of the mobile app, of a project we care deeply about, on inVision.

What we learned

HTML/CSS animations, prototyping, and creating mockups before diving into coding.

What's next for Ment For Girls

A functioning mobile app/website for women to register and find mentors from their schools.

Built With

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