We have heard shocking statistics about how many women are unable to receive period products during their cycle. This, coupled with the stigma surrounding menstruation, can take a heavy toll on their mental and physical health. Many girls even have to drop out of school due to their period. We wanted to change that, so we created Menstruation Station.

What it does

Menstruation Station is a resource that women of low-income status can use to receive free period products. They don't have to pay for them and instead can do volunteer work. This way, all members of the community benefit.

How we built it

We built our website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our app version is in Java.

Challenges we ran into

Only one member of our team was very skilled in HTML and CSS, so the rest of us had to learn as we went along, but we think our end product really reflects the countless hours of effort and hard work we put in to our website and app!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of how well we were able to work together, despite all of us being in different time zones and having other duties on the side of this hackathon. We think our idea is very beneficial and such a real-world application would really help those who face difficulties surrounding menstruation.

What we learned

We learned so much about coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What's next for Menstruation Station

We hope to add additional products to our site, and want to expand locations around the US, and then potentially across the whole world! We also want to add a way for more people to volunteer, and have more community service opportunities.

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