The inspiration for developing MenloCoin came from our passion and want to get involved in the next financial revoltution, and to change the current financial system which was proved to be broken in 2008.

What it does?

MenloCoin is an opensource cryptocurrency backbone that can be implemented by any individual or group of people in their personal venture or ecosystem as a medium of exchange, a stock or share in a company, GAS for a blockchain based platform, etc.

How we built it?

We built the cryptocurrency on top of the ERC20 standard and protocol which let us run our customized token on the Ethereum Blockchain by developing in the Ethereum programming language, solidity. Our website was coded in HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap and allows you to register for our community air drop..

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into included a few errors with interacting with ethereum and initially having to pivot our idea a couple times to come to the conclusion that MenloCoin will be the best of our ideas.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of making a next generation financial instrument and writing clear and cohesive code to help other developers dip their hands in the ground breaking technology of the blockchain.

What we learned

We learnt how professional cryptocurrency projects function and create platforms and tokens. We also learnt how ICO work behind the scenes and will surely apply these skills to future ventures and projects.

What's next for MenloCoin

Menlo Coin should become a global standard for coins and platforms and the actual coin will be implemented as a stock of the company. We will soon add a erc223 token which is the most advanced ethereum coin in the world and have our ICO in return for our ethereum based tokens.

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