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The project is part of a design community for people to use code to create furniture design. It's called O-LAP

What it does

The design is a script that accepts inputs from users and uses an internal algorithm to create vector drawings which can be used to make the design from plywood. The fabricated pieces interlock into each other and can be assembled easily.

How I built it

It is made as a plugin into the O-LAP project.
Design is written in JavaScript and uses threeJS for rendering.
I used Wolfram Alpha's polynomial graphing service for some math operations. provided me the genetic analysis data. I setup two other services to work with the API and make data available to the design.

Challenges I ran into

The code was previously synchronous. To make it work with the API I had to make it asynchronous.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was fun to think of how to translate data into design. The design article explains this is detail.
Some design sketches from the article.

What I learned

There were some very interesting insights I could pick up which is interesting to be thought of as design parameters.

What's next for Mendel

It is just the first draft of the design. It needs more refinement. It might be interesting to explore using genetic datasets from larger groups of people with common physical traits to make design inferences.

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