Team Members👨🏻‍💻:

  1. Alok Mathur
  2. Jayant Vishnu Nanduri
  3. Prasoon Soni

Introduction ✅:

Mankind has always faced adversity due to diseases, pandemics and epidemics in its history. The boost in the health care sector helped increase life standards and expectancy. Our project deals with the new obstacles and odds brought up by Covid-19 pandemic. We aim at solving such problems in a pithy and powerful way. This project instills a positive energy in the user by its quotes and keeps the user engaged by its features which provide links to engaging social media accounts. No such platforms have ever been made which provide trusted statistics as well as positive reinforcement to health problems. Because not only physical wellness but mental strength contributes in fighting this affliction.

Installation Instruction📥:

1) Download the zip file by clicking here
2) Unzip the file downloaded


1) Firebase Authentication(Version 20.0.4)
2) Firebase Database(Version 19.7.0)
3) Material Design(Version 1.3.0)
4) Lottie Animations(Version 3.7.0)
5) Volley Library(Version 1.1.0)

Problem Solution💡:

Recent advent of SARS Cov-2 has brought up many new challenges like

  • Finding reliable data
  • No/less communication between helpers and those who need help
  • Increase in health problems like stress, anxiety, loneliness, claustrophobia and what not?!
  • Spreading of misinformation


Our Application welcomes the user with a new positive thought every time the user opens the application. Authenticating the user to access the features of the application. An option to become a volunteer will also be available which takes the details of the volunteer. For the people who are in need of resources will get the list of volunteers with their details. So that the person who is in need can contact the volunteer. And the novelty of our application is that it will only show the resources that are available in his own city.Once the volunteer is done with the help his name will be removed from the list and he can register again if he wants. For the purpose of entertainment our app suggests some of the good YouTube Channels and Instagram accounts which change everyday. We have also come up with a website that highlights the features of our Application

Tech Stack 📚:

  • Android Studio
  • Figma
  • Firebase
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Application Screenshots:

Credits 💳:

  • Emojipedia
  • Icon8
  • Codepen
  • Lottiefiles
  • Filmora
  • Times Now
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