We wanted the users to view Duke basketball player data in an interactive manner. Each player is shown in a trading card view in a 3D space and users can the view the cards from different angles. We thought that using VR would be really cool, as VR is very useful in allowing users to interact with the data through gestures.

What it does

It is a website that allows users to search for players by average statistics and displays the results in a 3D VR view.

How We built it

We used three.js to do the visualization and created local database files from the data to allow everything to run on the client side without a server.

Challenges We ran into

Due to the time constraint, we were not able to fully get our website to work in VR.

Accomplishments that We proud of

The 3D visualization is really cool!

What's next for Men's Basketball Data VR Visualization

Besides from fixing bugs with the code, we would like to improve the search functionality of the website to support for more queries and also finish implementing the VR view.

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