Inspiration - MenloHacks, inspired by VR memory manipulation and Mimi Tran

What it does - Virtual Environments that link content to be memorized with audio, visual, and spatial cues for immersive memorization

How we built it - Cardboard Unity SDK, Unity, Blender for 3D objects

Challenges we ran into - Cross platform integration of Unity and Blender and Android SDK

Accomplishments that we're proud of - First time Unity AND Cardboard AND C# AND GitHub AND Blender AND Javascript AND Microsoft Visual Studio!

What we learned - Drag and drop NEVAH STOP, C#, Simple ideas can solve complex problems!

What's next for memVRy - Sandbox mode (design your OWN memory palaces), testing mode ("scavenger hunt" around the environments), track progress and have a "study room" with consistently missed words

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