Using smartphones can be difficult for patients with dementia. Actually, they can be difficult for just about everyone. Memtag is a mobile application that uses NFC capable smartphones to shortcut some of these difficulties by providing a simple interface to existing apps like the users phone and Google maps.

Memtag also provides an interface for caregivers to work with their patients by sharing notes, adding common map directions and important phone numbers.

The App

Patient View

On the home view it shows the users Facebook profile, their name and four large buttons that link to other views:

  • Important or common phone numbers that open the native phone up and begin a call
  • Landmarks such as the users home or church that open Google maps in directions mode
  • A simple notepad
  • A simple scheduler

Caregiver View

The name and picture of the most recently loaded patient, and a button to switch between patients.

NFC Tags

Lightweight and inexpensive NFC tags can be easily programmed and read from smartphones. Our first use case is as a wearable bracelet which will open the Memtag app for the user, or display public information about them like food allergies and emergency contacts.

Other use cases are to "tag" the NFC tags with information. One such case is as a laundry tag, which will start a timer and send a push notification telling the user it's time to get stuff out of the dryer.

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